Celebrating the Joys of being a Mom.

MOMS In Action

Motherhood, it's a roller coaster ride, a whirlwind, a mid summer's night dream. A re-birth, a rainbow. A bundle of promises, responsibilities and duties. A maze of sleepless nights, sacrifices, XXXL clothes. Motherhood makes women crib,complain, eat chocolates and cry. But ask any mum whether she'd barter it for anything in this world and you will get one hurt definite answer. A big fat, "NO."
About us

Helping Moms never doubt that they are Valuable & Powerful

With the birth of the little one, a mother was born. while caring for the bundle of joy, own joys were sacrificed and while you cared endlessly for everyone around a little self care went missing. yet even after giving the best you had, it’s never enough and we know that. All we wanted to do is remind you:

That you are a wonderful mom doing a great job”

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We need to reshape our own perception of how we view ourselves. We have to step up as women and take the lead.


We organize inclusive events for Moms & children, Women & Girls.